Design For AOC's "Tax The Rich" Met Gala Dress Was Allegedly Stolen From "Female Street Artist"

As far as staged political PR goes, AOC's maskless attendance at the 2021 Met Ball was an unmitigated disaster. A legion of blue-checks, college students and unemployed woketevists immediately slammed her for hob-nobbng with the "millionahs and billionahs" - as Bernie would say - while the rest of the Internet pretty much fixated on the fact that AOC's "Tax the Rich" dress looked uncomfortably similar to the Chick Fil-A logo, making the "Squad" leader look like a literal  "snack".

Everytime I see AOC dress I think of a chick fil a bag

— SoapT🧱🎃 (@k4uty) September 14, 2021

AOC apparently chose the design because it was "created" by a black designer named Aurora James (a black Canadian woman), a minority designer who just happens to be dating Benjamin Bronfman, an heir to the Seagrams fortune.

But now it's being alleged that James didn't actually create the design, but stole it from another minority artist whose boyfriend isn't a member of the 1%.

Just check out this instagram post from a user going by "thevelvetbandit" who published a similar design on one of her original works that actually went viral on Tik Tok.

VB writes, "@AOC stepped out at the Met Gala wearing a dress designed by @aurorajames that looks hella similar to my design.

Now, look at the images side by side.

But rather than attack AOC and James for "stealing" her design, the user declared that there was no ill-will, and that instead she would love to collaborate with either of them - or anybody else who likes her designs.

As she explained, she works as a school lunch lady and is a single mom; she doesn't have the time or influence to try and win gigs from the rich and famous. "They need a female street artist working on their team, dontcha think?" she wrote. "It would be an honor. Obviously they have fabulous taste."

No word yet from AOC or James about whether they're planning to compensate the downtrodden worker for the obvious rip-off of her design.

Tyler Durden