Barack Obama Takes on Larry Elder in Ad for Gavin Newsom in California Recall

Barack Obama Takes on Larry Elder in Ad for Gavin Newsom in California Recall

Former President Barack Obama appears in a new ad for incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), one that targets Larry Elder, a conservative talk show host who would likely be the state’s first black governor if the Sep. 14 recall election succeeds.

Obama does not mention Elder by name. But it shows a photograph of Elder, together with former President Donald Trump, as Obama accuses Republicans of trying to “overturn common sense COVID safety measures for health care workers and school staff.”

Pathetic anti-@larryelder ad by Obama funded by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Netflix also signed Obama to a multi-million dollar production deal.

Any journalists wanna look into this?

— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) September 8, 2021

Elder, who is vaccinated, said that he will repeal mask and vaccine mandates recently imposed by Newsom on state workers and health care workers.

I put on a mask when I must, but I oppose Gavin Newsom forcing you to. I also got the vaccine, but I oppose Gavin Newsom forcing you to.

— Larry Elder (@larryelder) September 8, 2021

Obama recently held a massive 60th birthday party for celebrities and political elites at his private estate on Martha’s Vineyard, off the Massachusetts coast, and was filmed dancing without wearing a mask.

Democrats are running on an exclusively negative message, targeting Elder with assistance from the establishment media, notably the Los Angeles Times, which has conducted a racist campaign against him.

Newsom campaigned earlier this week with a Black Lives Matter leader who declared, in the governor’s presence, that Larry Elder is the “black face of white supremacy,” a charge made infamous by the Times.

At a rally Monday for Gavin Newsom, with the governor standing right there, a Cal State LA prof and BLM activist said “Larry Elder is a black face on white supremacy.”

Does Governor Newsom stand by Melina Abdullah’s comment?

— Larry Elder (@larryelder) September 8, 2021

Newsom did not correct her, nor has he criticized an attack on Elder by an egg-throwing white woman in L.A. on Wednesday who wore a gorilla mask as she assaulted the black Republican.

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