Biden border crisis 'completely out of control,' former Border Patrol official warns on 'America's Newsroom'

Democrats need to stand up to the ‘inhumanity’ of Biden border policies: Former Border Patrol official

Jeff Self, former acting chief of Border Patrol in Tucson, says border situation can be fixed if Democrats fix the policies they implemented.

The former acting Chief of Border Patrol in Tucson, Arizona, Jeff Self, said Monday that the situation at the border is "completely out of control" and the administration appears to be "doubling down" on the policies that led to this point.

JEFF SELF: At this point, we have a situation where it is completely out of control. We have the administration doubling down.

What needs to happen is some kind of planning for an enforcement action versus planning to move bodies. The key to fixing this problem is our Democratic elected officials have to stand up. They need to put the inhumanity of these failed border policies above the party.

They’re toting the parties message, they’re not taking the action, they need to say 'we’re not gonna stand for this, this is not good for the country, this is not good for my constituency and this is not good for these people coming up from Mexico and Central America.'


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