Biden immigration policy 'clearly separating these families' at border: Sen. Rick Scott

Sen. Rick Scott: 'Shocking' Biden won’t acknowledge border crisis

Florida Republican joins 'America Reports' to discuss the president's immigration policy

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., blasted the Biden administration's handling of the ongoing border crisis Monday on "America Reports."

SCOTT: It’s shocking the Biden administration won’t acknowledge there is a crisis that he [the president] created. This wasn’t happening before the election and it’s happening now. They are shutting down all the ICE facilities, this is crazy what they are doing. Open the borders, close the schools, it makes zero sense to the American public. I hope the president starts focusing on immigration and starts listening to what’s going on at the border. We have so many unaccompanied minors, and it’s all a result of President Biden saying, 'Come on down and come across our border.' Look at the human toll. It’s not good for anyone in the entire country. Think of our border communities. They’ve been overrun by illegal immigrants. We want immigration. I’m from an immigration state, but it’s got to be legal immigration.


Democrats will keep trying to blame Trump for everything under the sun but look what he did. He worked to secure the border, for individuals to stay in their home country [and] apply for asylum. This all started in November. The cartels are making a fortune and these poor children are being taken advantage of, sexually molested. This is disgusting what Biden has done. Think about what he’s [the president] doing to individual families, he’s clearly separating these families. They are sending them here because they are hopeful that someday they will get citizenship and then the parents can come. This is not the way immigration should be done. We need legal immigration. We like immigration, but it has to be done legally. Joe Biden should take responsibility for what he’s created.


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