Biden 'torched his message of unity' in press conference remark about Trump and 2024: Pollster

Biden torched message of unity in press conference answer: Pollster Lee Carter

Pollster Lee Carter explains why the president got a failing grade from Republicans and Independents when discussing the 2024 election.

Pollster Lee Carter shared voter dials on "Fox & Friends" Friday showing failing grades from Republicans and independents on President Joe Biden's press conference comment in which he dismissed former President Trump and the Republican Party in 2024.

Biden said he had "no idea whether there will be a Republican Party" when asked if he believed he would face Donald Trump again in his reelection bid.

LEE CARTER: It really torched his message of unity. He says he's a president for unity, and yet he says, "I don't even know if there's a Republican Party." He was completely dismissive of Donald Trump, laughed at him. And I think that's -- it sort of came to the front, how people -- how he really feels about the other side. And it didn't -- it didn't go well for him.


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