Cammack on Democrat Police Reform: 'This Bill Is Dangerous' -- Police Leaving Profession 'in Droves'

Cammack on Democrat Police Reform: 'This Bill Is Dangerous' -- Police Leaving Profession 'in Droves'

Representative Kat Cammack (R-FL) on Tuesday weighed in on the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which has passed the House but stalled in the Senate.

Cammack, on Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus,” warned the bill supported by the Democrats is “dangerous” because it includes restricting qualified immunity for officers. She pointed out that the dehumanization of members of law enforcement has resulted in officers “retiring and getting out of policing in droves.”

“As you can see, things are pretty divided right now in Congress on all issues,” Cammack stated. “But I think we need to step back and realize that this notion of the police versus the community is a misnomer. The police officers that serve the communities are members of the police. We have completely, with a broad brush dehumanized the people that are donning the badge, and that’s really one of the big problems that we’re seeing. It is us versus them.”

“This bill is not a reform bill,” she later added. “This bill is redirecting critical lifesaving funds for our departments to groups like the NAACP and the ACLU. It’s taking the very equipment that’s keeping them safe as they work in the communities that we all love, and it’s just stripping them from the ability to actually go out and serve. This bill is dangerous, and if we are serious about investing in our communities and making them bigger and better and stronger, you don’t defund police. You don’t defund the very backbone of our communities that are working every day to keep us safe. You invest. I don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat. You invest in the things you care about. So if you are serious about getting our communities safer and stronger, invest. You don’t divest. You invest. And that’s my message to my colleagues on Capitol Hill. And also, I would say go see firsthand. You talk a big game. Walk the walk.”

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