CNN's Tapper: GOP Silence on Trump's 'Lies' Allows Him to 'Subvert Democracy'

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said on the Monday broadcast of his show “The Lead” that Republican silence regarding former President Donald Trump’s “lies” about the 2020 election results were allowing him to “subvert democracy.”

After a report on the Trump administration’s handling of intelligence, Tapper said, “Trump blocking facts then and pushing lies now. This past weekend at a rally in Georgia, Mr. Trump not only continuing to push that state to start yet another recount of the 2020 election results, despite every previous recount in Georgia showing the same thing, that Joe Biden won.”

He continued, “Former President Trump also admitted to the crowd that he had privately pushed the Republican governor, Brian Kemp, to hold a special election. Presumably, a redo since Trump lost the first one. It’s quite a claim to make in public considering Trump is already under investigation in Georgia for attempting to subvert democracy by having the Georgia secretary of state ‘find votes for him.'”

Tapper asked, “And once again, the response from Republican leaders in Washington and across the country?”

After playing a sound effect of crickets chirping, Tapper said, “Crickets. Nothing. So Trump continues his campaign of subverting American democracy unabated.”

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Pam Key