Concha on Kamala Harris' 'media blackout' on border crisis: Biden admin 'acting more like Pyongyang'

Joe Concha rips Kamala Harris for failing to answer questions on border crisis

Fox News contributor Joe Concha on critics blasting Vice President Kamala Harris for failing to visit the border.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha told "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday that Vice President Kamala Harris is more of a "chronic complainer," instead of a "doer," because she has not yet visited nor addressed to the media the issues on the southern border. He slammed the Biden administration for acting more like North Korea when it comes to transparency on the migrant surge.


JOE CONCHA: "Well, I see that Kamala Harris, in the last eight months, remember, it was eight months ago she was chosen as Joe Biden's running mate. She has not done one press conference. And before you say, well, vice presidents don't do press conferences, yeah, I'm old enough to remember 2020 when Vice President Pence did dozens of them as a leader of the coronavirus task force, he was out there taking questions from the press on a daily basis. So there goes that excuse.


But look, when you have a vice president that's been tapped to fix the problem that she has no interest in solving, that's an issue. When she compared ICE to the KKK as a senator, as a candidate, she would have to answer for that, I would think, during a press conference if a [Peter] Doocy or a [Kristin] Fisher asked that question. She would also have to explain why she thinks that illegal border crossings, which we're seeing now by the hundreds and thousands, is considered legal in her mind. And that's an argument that she made as a senator and a candidate.


So here we have a chronic complainer, it appears, and not a doer based on her actions, because, again, if she had to answer questions around why are facilities filled at 17 times the amount at the border? Meanwhile, we're hearing about reports of abuse, of sexual assault. PolitiFact says that they don't know the exact positivity rate among migrants in terms of COVID testing. And a lot of these folks are being released into the general population. So this is supposed to be an honest and transparent administration. Instead, it's more acting like Pyongyang in terms of media blackouts at the border, which would never be accepted under the previous administration.


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