Cotton on border surge: Democrats 'don't think this is a crisis', they think US should be open to world

Sen. Tom Cotton: Democrats don’t believe there’s a border crisis

Senator Tom Cotton, R-Ark., provides insight into the migrant crisis on ‘America Reports.’

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., told "America Reports" Friday that Democrats don’t believe there is a southern border crisis, but do believe that the U.S. should be "open to the entire world."

SEN: TOM COTTON: Shocking imagery to see little girls dropped from a fence like that. Those girls don't belong on our border, they belong with their families in their home country. The reason why we're seeing the Biden border crisis is because Joe Biden said to the world, if you're a kid or teenager or you purport to be a teenager, [or if] you show up with a kid, we will let you into our country. What did he expect would happen?


Well, what's happened is that we've seen a fivefold increase in the month of March this year from where we were last year in the number of migrants showing up at our border. I was there last week, not a single one with whom I spoke said they were claiming asylum because of persecution on the basis of religion or race or ethnicity, or political views. They were coming for a better job. That’s not basis for asylum in our laws.


I think Democrats are beholden to a left-wing ideology that implies that borders aren't legitimate and anyone who wants to enforce a border is immoral. But there's nothing virtuous or moral about inducing hundreds of thousands of migrants to make the journey, sometimes very dangerous, to our country even when they don't have a legal right to be here. Look, Joe Biden could solve this problem tomorrow if he wanted.


First, he could reinstate the pandemic order that said "We exclude all persons" to include minors. Second, he could say if you get to our border and you have a claim of asylum, you have to stay in Mexico to raise that claim. And third, if you cross into another country like, say, Guatemala, you have to raise your asylum claim in that country before you get to our country. Those three things alone would solve this border crisis. But there are too many Democrats who don't believe in borders and don't think this is a crisis because they think we should be open to the entire world.


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