GOP Rep. Mace Says She's Now Carrying a Gun After Death Threats -- 'I Won't Be Intimidated'

After dealing with death threats and vandalism to her home, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) says she is now carrying a gun to protect her and her family.

Mace told FNC’s “Fox & Friends First” how “shocking” and “violating” it felt to be the target of threats and vandalism. She said arming herself feels “empowering,” adding she “won’t be intimidated.”

“[W]hen I was running for Congress, I had someone vandalize my vehicle,” Mace advised. “I’ve had threats, but until those individuals show up at your house, it doesn’t feel as real. And when that happened, I was shocked. My neighbors were shocked, and worse, my kids were shocked about it. It doesn’t feel good when you have to look over your shoulder every day worried about what might happen next.”

Mace was asked how her children are handling the threats and vandalism.

“They get it,” she replied. “They are in middle school, and they still have got good senses about them. They’re young enough to understand that — they didn’t feel safe when this happened and were worried, and I remember the first day of picking them up after school when this happened, and … the first question out of their mouth was, ‘Are we safe?’ And we have had to change our lifestyle quite a bit since it happened to feel safer, but they get it. They understand. And they understand that mom has got an important job and she’s not going to be threatened, and they understand that I want to protect myself and my family and that I won’t be intimidated. These are really tough lessons to learn at a tough age, and they are learning them right now.”

“I will tell you that I learned that it is very empowering to know that I can defend myself and my family and my beliefs if I have to,” she continued. “And so, it was a critical decision. And I got my concealed carry permit at the end of the year but didn’t feel the need to use it until someone showed up on my front steps. And I’m so glad and grateful that I have the opportunity to carry a gun just about wherever I go. it is important. But the biggest thing for me is feeling safe and feeling empowered.”

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