Gov. Reeves: Mississippi Fairness Act will 'protect young girls'

Do transgender athletes really have a competitive advantage?

Governor Tate Reeves explains how the Mississippi Fairness Act protects young girls on 'America Reports'

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, R., pushed back against President Biden’s executive order calling on schools to allow students to participate in sports under their chosen gender, telling "America Reports" legislators made a "smart, well-intentioned decision" by passing the Mississippi Fairness Act.

TATE REEVES: "The reason this was necessary is because President Biden and his march to the left, in one of his first actions while in office, signed an executive order that made this necessary to deal with. And so,I think our legislators made a smart, well-intentioned decision to protect young girls to ensure that biological males are not competing with them for athletic opportunities.

At the end of the day this is a pretty clear issue to me. Biological males should be able to compete with biological males. Biological females should be allowed to compete with biological females. We should not put biological females at a disadvantage by forcing them to compete with biological males, which would take away, potentially, opportunities for our young girls across America. This is something many in this country have been fighting for years and years and years, and I just believe the Mississippi Fairness Act helps us address that in our state."


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