Hollywood Cuomosexuals Slammed After Andrew Cuomo Resigns: Cuomosexuals Should Be on 'Government Watchlist'

Hollywood Cuomosexuals Slammed After Andrew Cuomo Resigns: Cuomosexuals Should Be on 'Government Watchlist'

Hollywood “Cuomosexuals” were slammed Tuesday on social media, after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) announced his resignation.

A slew of Hollywood elites and talk show hosts showered the disgraced governor with praise during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, and even publicly declared themselves “Cuomosexuals.”

On Tuesday, Cuomo announced that he will resign his office in 14 days in the wake of an investigation that found he sexually harassed multiple women. In addition to his sexual harassment scandal, Cuomo also fell under fire for his administration’s infamous handling of the state’s nursing homes during the pandemic.

Now, all of those who celebrated the soon-to-be former New York governor appear to have gone silent while social media users skewer and mock them on the internet.

Every idiot "Cuomosexual" news personality that gushed over this idiot as he killed vulnerable New Yorkers and harassed women should also have to resign in 14 days.

— Spencer Brown (@itsSpencerBrown) August 10, 2021

“I’m sorry but everyone who was on that ‘Cuomosexual’ thing last year deserves to feel dumb as hell right now,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Andrew Cuomo cut Medicaid DURING A PANDEMIC. Yet the entire corporate media swooned over him as the ‘love Gov.’ Trevor Noah called himself a ‘Cuomosexual.’ Cuomo is but one criminal in a syndicate full of them, otherwise known as the Democratic Party,” another said.

Phrase that’s probably aged the worst in the history of Twitter: “Cuomosexual”

— Elex Michaelson (@Elex_Michaelson) August 10, 2021

Can we shame everyone who ever called themselves a "Cuomosexual" now?

— Kassy Dillon (@KassyDillon) August 10, 2021

Tough day to be a Cuomosexual

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) August 10, 2021

“If you ever self-identified as Cuomosexual, you should be put on some sort of government watchlist,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Arrest everyone who called themselves a Cuomosexual,” another Twitter user commented.

“every person who has ever referred to themselves as a cuomosexual should be fined,” another echoed.

Can we do an a four month probe of everyone who identified as a “Cuomosexual” as well? https://t.co/C5uvRCZVK4

— MOST TONY NOMINATED ONEHIT WONDER Jeremy O. Harris (@jeremyoharris) August 3, 2021

Just gonna say it again, all of you mother-fuckers who used the term "Cuomosexual" last summer are on my shit list.

— sexy george washington, apparently (@AlexRemnick) August 5, 2021

“#Cuomosexual hahahhaa. Amazing that the elites pandered to this moron,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Btw if you ever called yourself a ‘Cuomosexual’ you absolutely should resign from your job as well,” another tweeted.

so the cuomosexual t-shirts reeeeeeeeally didnt age well

— Jessica Smetana (@jessica_smetana) August 10, 2021

cuomosexual shirts are being shipped to villages in developing countries as we speak

— manny (@mannyfidel) August 10, 2021

If you have a loved one who ever identified as a Cuomosexual or an MSNBC wine mom it's a good time to just gently check in

— Nellie Bowles (@NellieBowles) August 10, 2021

That #Cuomosexual hashtag really turned out to be a weird one.

— Lavern Spicer (@lavern_spicer) August 3, 2021

“Cuomosexual” was peak cringe, never forget

— The PS1 startup sound, but as a lesbian (@zenalbatross) August 10, 2021

“Trevor Noah” also began trending Tuesday on Twitter, as social media users recalled how the Daily Show host previously touted Cuomo’s “high” approval rating, and noted that people are “falling in love with him.”

“And I’m not gonna lie, those people include me. My Tinder profile now lists me as a Cuomosexual,” Noah added.

Never let Trevor Noah forget this. #Cuomopic.twitter.com/ytkREifXJb

— The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) August 3, 2021

Is Trevor Noah still a #Cuomosexual? https://t.co/SCVnhEaKNw

— Carmine Sabia (@CarmineSabia) August 10, 2021

At the time of reporting, Noah and several others who previously gushed over Cuomo — including comedian Chelsea Handler, pop star Cher, TV host Ellen Degeneres, and actress Jada Pinkett Smith — have yet to comment on their “Cuomosexual” status following the governor’s resignation announcement on Tuesday.

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