Los Angeles Crime Wave: 'Modern Family' Star Sofia Vergara L.A. Home Vandalized

Los Angeles Crime Wave: 'Modern Family' Star Sofia Vergara L.A. Home Vandalized

A man has been arrested and booked on a felony charge for allegedly trespassing and vandalizing actress Sofia Vergara’s Los Angeles home on the Fourth of July, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Officers responded to the trespassing suspect on July 4 at 6:54 p.m., according to a public information officer with the LAPD. Neither the Modern Family star nor her husband Joe Manganiello was home at the time.

“They detained a man and he was arrested for vandalism,” the officer said. “He spray-painted the exterior of the residence, causing damage to the property.”

According to TMZ, which first reported the story, the suspect’s vandalism included orange spraypaint of social media handles and “messages” for Vergara, whom he reportedly believes is his mother.

“There doesn’t appear to be any truth to the man’s claim … Sofia’s only got one kid from a previous marriage, and this person does not seem to have any connection to her,” TMZ reported, citing their sources estimating the damage to be over $100,000The criminal behavior coincides with a crime wave hitting wealthy Hollywood Hills as law enforcement responded to a deadly shootout in the area last month, likely triggered by an attempted robbery of a multimillion-dollar home:

TMZ reported there is at least one dead and three injured after gunfire erupted just off the Sunset Strip at a home on Blue Jay Way. Three men reportedly drove up to the house in an Audi and opened fire. A security guard was shot but returned fire and struck two of the suspects, killing one of them.

The Audi then fled down Blue Jay with a flat tire before LAPD pulled the vehicle over near Beverly Hills.

Three people were found inside of the car, two of whom suffered from gunshot wounds, according to The Sun. One of them was dead and the other was rushed to hospital in critical condition. The third individual was uninjured.

Last year, amid the Black Lives Matter riots, the Los Angeles City Council voted to defund the police department, slashing the budget by $150 million.

Meanwhile, the city has experienced a 50 percent increase in shooting victims this year compared to last year, and “violent crime has increased by 4.3 percent over the same period,” as Breitbart News detailed.

Hannah Bleau