Pompeo: Trump administration focused on America First, Biden prioritizes fancy deals on climate change

Pompeo: Trump admin focused on America First, Biden prefers fancy deals on climate

Former secretary of state reacts to president's foreign and domestic priorities on 'Fox News Primetime'

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed concern that the Biden administration is prioritizing climate rather than American security Friday night on "Fox News Primetime"

POMPEO: The most important thing that a president does, that secretary of state does, is set a broad understanding of the way the country looks at the world and the way America looks at the world. We centered this on making sure that we were very focused on securing American freedom, we called it America First. If you trade that. If you trade America First for Climate First then you’re prepared to trade lots of things. Things with the Chinese, things with the Europeans, all of which will hurt the American people. All for a lofty goal of some carbon reduction some 20 or 30 years out that’s all probably just voluntary and frankly not very likely to actually happen. That presents enormous risk here in the United States.

The central thing that presidents have responsibility to do, and their secretaries of state as well, is make sure you know what your priorities are. Ours was securing freedom here at home and abroad. Their’s appears to be assuring they get fancy deals in the salons of Europe on climate change.


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