Rachel Campos-Duffy: The pandemic power grab

Rachel Campos-Duffy: The pandemic power grab

Health official issue dire warnings in attempt to seize control

Rachel Campos-Duffy argued on 'Fox News Primetime' Tuesday that 'so-called experts' used fearmongering during COVID to secure power.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: [So-called experts] told us super bowl parties would cause a huge spike. They were wrong. They told us that Texas would see a surge after lifting their mask mandate. They were wrong again. A few months ago these fearmongering tactics might have had more power. More people were dying, fewer of us had been vaccinated. The light at the end of the tunnel was not nearly as bright as it is today.

Think back to when this pandemic began over a year ago. They saw how quickly Americans blindly followed the draconian rules of non-elected officials: wear a mask, close your business, and lock yourself inside.

Do they really want to give up that power? Of course not. There's a reason they never promoted personal responsibility. They don't want you thinking you have the ability to take care of yourself. No. They will come up with the rules and you just follow, and please don't ask any questions.


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