WATCH: Rittenhouse Prosecutor Titters, Mocks Concerns over Rioter Using 'N-Word'

Prosecutor Thomas Binger attempted to argue Monday that the first alleged “victim” of Kyle Rittenhouse, convicted child molester Joseph Rosenbaum, was not a threat, mocking concerns that Rosenbaum threatened people by using the “N-word.”

Rittenhouse faces charges for the murder of Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, and the attempted murder of Gaige Grosskreutz, among other charges — though Judge Bruce Schroeder tossed the weapons charge on Monday morning.

Multiple witnesses had testified that Rosenbaum had threatened counter-demonstrators and others earlier that evening, and — ironically, given that the unrest in Kenosha was led by Black Lives Matter protesters — used the “N-word” against them.

Rosenbaum, who had previously been convicted of sexually abusing a minor, was unarmed, but charged Rittenhouse, who shot and killed him in what defense attorneys have argued was self-defense.

Binger argued that Rosenbaum had never been a threat at all. “He’s a mouthy little guy. He’s a little dog that barks.” He also tried to rehabilitate Rosenbaum’s image, which he suggested had been unfairly tarnished by the defense.

“That happens a lot in homicide trials,’ he said. “Blame the victim, who can’t speak for themselves.”

He went on to argue that Rosenbaum just happened to be at the riot. In a mocking voice, he revisited “all the awful things Joseph Rosenbaum did” that night, including tipping over a portable toilet, and lighting a dumpster on fire.

“Oh, and he said some bad words,” Binger said, tittering and shaking his finger. “He said the ‘N-word’!”

He then admitted that had Rosenbaum been alive, he would have been tried for arson, but he had been allegedly murdered.

Binger earlier¬†argued that the crowd had the “right” to chase Rittenhouse, and that their actions were “entirely reasonable.”

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