Ted Cruz weighs in on 'staggering' number of migrants as US pacing to 2 million border crossings under Biden

Sen. Cruz on 'absolute crisis' at border: US on pace to see 2 million illegal migrants under Biden

Texas Republican joined 'The Story' to discuss the COVID outbreak among migrants and high amount of border crossings.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, joined 'The Story' to weigh in on the growing crisis along the southern border.

SENATOR TED CRUZ: Well, unfortunately that follows a pattern we’ve seen from the Biden Administration. What we see at the border today is an absolute crisis. It’s the worst it has ever been. We have functionally open borders. This was caused by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and numbers right now are staggering. Last month, in the month of June, we saw over 6,000 people a day crossing illegally on our southern border. Put that into context. That is roughly the student body of the University of Texas at Tyler entering illegal each and every single day. Last month, 180,000 people crossed illegally into this country. We’re on pace for two million people to cross illegally into this country under Joe Biden. Those two million people would collectively make up the fifth largest city in this country. We have open borders and the people who are coming illegally—we have children, we have families, we have pregnant women—they’re being brought in by traffickers. They're being physically abused. They're being sexually abused and there’s a high rate of COVID positivity. When I brought 19 senators down to the Rio Grande Valley and we went to the Joe Biden cages, those cages had COVID positivity over 10%. They are releasing COVID positive illegal immigrants into our communities and they’re driving up the spread of COVID-19.


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